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How to Install WordPress on Local Computer Using WAMP Server

WordPress is a great platform for blogging comparatively to any other platforms. But it needs little bit more resources and technical knowledge to operate it. You can start WordPress blogging in two way; one by and another by self-hosting. I recommend to start self-hosting WordPress blogging because you will…

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How to Code PHP with HTML and CSS together

HTML and CSS are client side scripts where as PHP is server side script. HTML and CSS are compiled in the browser but PHP is compiled into server. Plain HTML text is output after compiling which is delivered to user. Integrating PHP along with HTML and CSS together is very…

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Installing WAMP Server on Windows and Start PHP Programming

If you are thinking to start web programming then, I suggest you to write code with PHP language. It is pretty easy. You do not need huge budget to learn and setup it. You will get free open source tools to code and run PHP script. I think it is…

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How to Reduce Website Loading Time – Speed Up Site

Whenever I ask my friends about the MeroSpark, they say “it’s design is simple”. Yeah, of course its design is simple, because I haven’t cared too much about its looks even though mostly people attract by the front design. I have maintain its design in between poor and big. I have made…

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How to Create a Blog for Free

Present society is internet based therefore you need strong online presence to promote your business or to stand out among your competitors.  Blogging matters on your professional life too, most of the high profile peoples do blogging for their self marketing and some companies do blogging for their social media marketing….

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CSS Padding Property to HTML Elements

Working with Margin and Padding property are a like. The big difference is that margin is applied in between borders of two elements where as padding applied between the border and the content of the element. For nice looking design of web page, padding property is very important. Today, I…

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