Ten Things to Do Before Applying to Google Adsense

You have started a blog and want to apply for Google Adsense for earnings then you have to care lots of Ten Things to Do Before Applying to Google Adsensefactors which determines the possibility of approval. Google is making strict rule for publishers now a days due to huge fraud clicks. But don’t be panic you need some optimization and care. In this article, I have explained ten things which are very important to do before applying to Google Adsense.  This optimization will help you to get Application approved.

1. Quality and Text Rich Content

By any point of view, Content is the king therefore quality must be maintained on it. Google likes the text rich content. Your post must be of minimum 300 words. Do not place lots of image on you site, this will reduce the possibility of application approval as well as loading speed of you page which determines your Search Engine Ranking.

2. Follow Google Webmaster Guidelines

If your site do not follow basic Google webmaster guidelines then SEO of your site is poor. Check weather your site follows webmaster guidelines. Take required action if site is not comply with guidelines.

3. Privacy Policy Page

Before applying to Google Adsense, you must have privacy policy page with the statement about google Adsense. If you don’t know what type of article is placed on privacy policy page then there are lots of privacy policy generator site on web to help you.

4. About Us / Contact Us Page

This two pages are also very important not only for Google Adsense but also need to increase trusteeship between users and website. Add full information about your site and contact information including address, contact number, email address. This contact information must match the information on Google Adsense Application.

5. Number of Post

If you have little amount of post then it is taken as new site. Therefore take some days to create quality content. When number of posts in your blog/site reaches over 30 then you can able to apply for Google Adsense. This will increase possibility of  approval.

6. Streaming Content

The streaming content like video, audio, flash, games are placed inside your site then it is hard to get your application approved therefore remove all the post which contains link to streaming files.

7. Supported Language

Google Adsense supports some specific number of languages. If your website is built with unsupported language then it is almost sure that your application will not get approved. So first your site must be in Google Adsense supported Language.

8. Ads from Other Advertising Network

If you have already placed ad banners from other advertising network then remove all. Google application are checked by real human or some time by bot. If they got Ad banners from other network then there is maximum possibility of rejection.

9. Your Age

If you are under 18 then you can’t able to apply for Google Adsense. You need to change the birth date on your Google Account to solve this issue. If your current date of birth make you below 18 then google restrict to place birth date which makes you over 18 so during changing date of birth, place a date in such a way that tomorrow will be your 18th birthday.

10. Website Age

In some countries, Google accept over six month old website only.Even, if you are form out of such countries, I suggest you to wait for some days or months. Old sites are taken as more content-rich therefore more the age of your site, more the possibility of approval increases.

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