Submitting Blogger Sitemap To Google Webmaster Tools

Blogger is the blogging platform where you can able to create your own blog without any cost. Creating blog, writing articles and publishing it is not a big task. The big task is to make content reachable to readers.Submitting Sitemap to google webmaster tools Almost all the bloggers are targeting Google for traffic because it is the largely used Search Engine. Google has facilitated webmaster Console for web developers to submit site for indexing. Inside tools there is provision of submitting sitemap to Google so that it can crawl your site easily. In WordPress you get lots of plugin to generate sitemap but blogger have no such functionality nor it give file uploading services so it is difficult to get sitemap for the Blogger blog and submit in Webmaster tools. Here you have another way to do this task.

Primary and Furthermost way:

Go to Sitemap submission tab inside webmaster tool and click on Add/Test , Sitemap. Now enter URL YourSiteURL/feeds/posts/default And submit it. If it doesn’t work, or small number of pages are only submitted through this sitemap submission then follow the second way explained below:

Second Way:

In this way you only have to change the text inside the input box that you have done in primary way of Submission. Change the text feeds/posts/default with YourSiteURL/atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=500 , Now submit it. When you exceeds your post to 500 then change start-index=1 to start-index=501 , In this way you can able to submit sitemap of blogger blog.

Third Way:

In this way of submission you must need little knowledge of ROBOTS.TXT of your blog. In this process you do not have to submit, instead of that you have to add sitemap text into the ROBOT.TXT file of your blog. To do this follow the steps below:

Go to the Sitemap Generator and generate Sitemap for your blog then copy entire text to your clipboard. Now go to your Blog dashboard >> Setting >> Search Preference >> Enable Custom Robots.txt ,Paste the sitemap text and Save it.

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