Top Five Sites to Sell Photos and Make Money Online

Earning money doing what you love is the best idea to make your life elegant. Photography, Literature and Cooking are three activities that generally every people do in Earn monely online selling your Photosthis modern days. Some years ago, I also used to fascinated with photography therefore whenever I get free now a days, I do photography. Since the day I have started photography, I interact with many peoples, friends who also have great desire of photography. I think turning passion into career is the best idea but most of them don’t want to make their profession. Might be its due to poor scope of photography in our country location. For those people, I have small suggestion not to worry about it. If you are not getting any place or customer to sell photos then you must try online. There are lots of websites to sell photo online and make money from it. Here I have explained top five websites to sell photos online.

1. Alamy

Alamy is the world’s largest stock photo collection. There’s a reason why it has over 75 million high quality stock images, vectors and videos. It’s because it offers photographers 50% royalty payment on each photo sold. And another good reason is that it also allows photographer to sell photo elsewhere.


2. Shutterstock

Shutterstock has paid out over 350 million to its contributes since launching. You can earn 30% of the sale price of your photos. With Shutterstock you will earn between $0.25 and $28 each time on yours sells, earning also depends on the licence.


3. iStock Photo

You will earn 15% royalty rate on iSotck for each download. When you become exclusive contributor then you will earn up to 45%. It is a great place for those just starting out selling stock photos. Its popular forums and resources will help you to find the customers and to understand the world of photo sales.

iStock Photo

4. Fotolia

Adobe’s Fotolia is also a best place to sell your photos. You will earn up to 20%-46% on each photo sale with over 4 million buyers. Unlike other sites, your royalties are deposited into your account immediately where you have to wait for threshold.


5. PhotoShelter

If you want make money selling photos but rather makes those sales through your own website then PhotoShelter is the best place to sell photos. It is easy to use, you will have full control over and earn more profit. It offers secure cloud storage, client proofing and Search Engine optimization.



These are the top five websites where you can sell your photos online. There are  more other best websites too where you can sell your photos.  Don’t be limited staying out of online world. If you are not getting any customer for your photograph then try any one of the above websites. Earn Money Doing What You Love, travel and capture great moments around the world and make money online selling those captured moments.

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