How to Create a Blog for Free

Present society is internet based therefore you need strong online presence to promote your business or to stand out among your competitors.  Blogging matters on your professional life too, most of the high profile peoples do blogging for their self marketing and some companies do blogging for their social media marketing. In this article, I have explained some key importance of blogging as well as easiest and simplest way of creating a blog without any cost.

Why Blogging is Important

1. For Social Media Marketing

If you have just started small business and want to promote it  then blogging about your business is the best way to make it popular.

2. For Self Marketing

If you want to be popular on your profession then start blogging, write about your daily events, experience, ideas and plans. This will help you to spread your words over the world. Most of the high profile people do blogging to share their views.

3. For frequent Online Earning.

Do you want to make some bucks online then blogging is the best and frequent way to make money. If you have writing skills then start a blog on specific topic. You need to write on that topic daily and some sorts of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to drive visitors.

4. To spread your words with world

Another advantage of blogging is that it is the easiest way of sharing information. If you have some ideas, views, information to share publicly then writing a blog is the best way. Your article will get indexed on Google then interested reader get your information easily.

Some Blogging platform

There are lots of free blogging platform over the web. Choosing the best blogging platform that suites you is very important. Some blogging platforms are very easy to operate even you do not need coding knowledge and some are advance and complicated. Here, I have listed top five blogging platform. You can able to create your blog with zero cost with any of it.


Among this five blogging platform, I suggest you to start blogging with top two: Blogger or WordPress.

Creating Blog with

Blogger is one of the Product of Google. To create your blog, go to the address , Sign In to your google account, after that you will see your blog list. You are first on blogger that’s why you will see empty list. Click on “New Blog” button then following box will appear.

Creating Blog with Blogger

During this steps you have to careful about title and address of your blog. I have explained about it below:

1. Title: Title is the topic or word that describe your blog. If you have started your personal blog then you may give title like "Blog of YOURNAME" or your name only. Don’t give too long title over 60 letter.

2. Address: Address is URL to your blog. For example, If I give a address “hari” then blog will be accessed with URL . This must be sweet and simple so that your visitors can memorize it easily. Check the availability, if you get unused address then finalize it.  Your address is always attached with domain , later on you are also able to add custom top level domain to your blog.

Give an appropriate title, address and choose the template for your blog then click on “Create Blog“, After that you will see dashboard where you can able to manage your blog.

In this way you can able to create your own blog with blogger, you can also try out WordPress, Tumblr too. After this start publishing article on your blog. Socialize your blog on Facebook, Google+, Twitter to get readers frequently.

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