Five Ways to Improve your Website’s Ranking (SEO)

Google’s search engine uses different algorithm to determine which pages are displayed first in the search results. Their ranking formula is secret, but its is said that there is over 200 factors included in algorithm to calculate the positioning. Some of the basic factors are explained below which will help you to rank high in the search result. The term for this process is SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Search Engine Optimization

Quality Content

The quality of content is the first priority of Search Engine Optimization. You must provide the full information. The site with quality content will have good user experience whatever the design is. If your users get what they wants then there is possibility of subscribing your content.

Update Content Regularly

Search Engine always act like human user and overall ranking factors are about good user experience. The site with regular update shows that admin members are very active. The site with regular post is ranked more.


During designing the website, metadata is inserted into <head> tag which helps to provide information about page to Search Engine. There are three main metadata you must know about it.

Title Metadata
The title is main factor which determine the Search Engine Ranking. Title is the one sentence explanation of whole content so its must be meaningful. Title character must not less than 40 character and more than 60 character for better SEO.

Meta Description
The link description on Google Search result is displayed from Meta Description of the page. You must give short and sweet description of your page in this tag. It is better to limit character between 150 to 160 for better SEO.

Meta Keyword
Although Google does not use Meta keyword in site ranking, it have significance in other Search Engine like Yahoo Search and Bing. Meta Keyword are search phrases which are typed by user during searching. The keyword must be up to 10 phrases.

Interlinking of Content

Google bot follows the link and crawls linked page. Inter linking of the content helps to crawl all the pages of your site by Search Engine bot. This will help to index your site frequently and also increase your site ranking.

Using Alt with Image

Describing or telling what is written on the image to the Search engine, Alt is used. The syntax for alt with <img> tag is  <img src="IMG URL" alt="ALT DESCRIPTION" title="TITLE TEXT"/> . This helps to index image from your site and helps you to increase your traffic by image search.

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