Simple and Easiest Ways to Earn Money Online From Home

In this online era, you might hear a lot that some people are making handsome income working online from home. It makes you to think that earning money online might be pretty easy but actually it isn’t easy that youmake money online are pretending, either it is working online or offline. If you want to make money online then first you have to remember that there is no any short cuts to money. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t earn money, there are plenty of simple and easiest ways to earn money online, here I have explained about it.

1. Start A Blog

I think, blogging is the most easiest and genuine way to make money online. If you are student or want to work online whenever you are free then create a blog on any topic and monetize the content you add. I have explained the way of creating a blog with zero cost before, once read it to create a blog. After that add a content and monetize using following online advertisement networks.

2. Earn Money by doing surveys, playing games.

You may feel like “is that true ?, we can earn by playing games online”. Yes, you can earn money by playing games online and by doing paid online surveys. Try the two websites below for making money by doing surveys and playing games.

3. Earn money by shrinking URL (Earn with Facebook, Twitter)

You can also earn money using URL shortener. Use the following site to shrink URL of interesting links and share the shrunk URL on Facebook, YouTube, twitter, Google+. Whenever the people visit the link, you will get paid. Here are two best and genuine URL shortener that paid.

4. Freelancing

You can make a good income by working online using freelancing website. Signup any freelancing network; there you will find the work of your interest. Bid the work, if you get hired then submit the task by completing it; then after that, you will get paid. The tasks may be of various kind like writing articles, building website, logo designing or many more. Here are some best and genuine freelancing websites.

5. By uploading videos on YouTube

You can earn money with YouTube also, upload any kind of videos, either it is funny or serious one. After that, monetize all the videos using Adsense. You will get paid for every views.

These are some  easiest ways to make money online. Remember that, you are not going to make money just after the sign up, you need a patience and labor hard. I have one suggestion for you that be serious in every bit of time, be professional and genuine during submitting any resume or form online.

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