Adonly CPM Ad Network – Personal Experience and Review

Adonly is a CPM Ad network based in Vietnam. In early 2014, it was known as GloAdMarket Ad platform. It is a growing advertising network which adonly home pageclaims one billion impression per month. It serves different types of advertisement campaigns like CPC(Cost per Click), CPM (Cost per 1000 Impressions), CPA (Cost per action) and CPV (Cost per View). Some years ago, I also had monetized my web contents with Adonly. Later on, I moved to Adsense. During that time I had some good experience with Adonly. The best thing that I like about Adonly is its payout threshold and it accepts any kinds of traffic and language.

What types of Websites are Accepted?

Adonly had accepted my two websites and one blog based on blogger. That time I had no enough visitors, even though all got accepted. According to the recent website approval process of Adonly, it accepts any websites with any language and any traffic all over the globe. If they find any fraud clicks or spam activity after approval then they also ban the publisher. ( Sign Up for Publisher )

Adonly Dashboard

Ad Formats.

Adonly offers different kinds of Ad formats such as Banner, Slider, Pop-up and layer Ad to its publisher. If you become publisher of Adonly, you can able to integrate 3 banners, layer, slider and pop-up advertisement on your website. Publisher can boost their income using Pop-up, slider and layer advertisement.

Adonly Ad formats

Payment Method

Adonly pays its publisher three times a month on every 10th, 20th and 30th of the month. If you request the payment on 5th then you will get paid on 10th similarly if you request the payment on 12th then you will get paid on 20th. Payment is done by PayPal, Payza, Payoneer and Bank transfer. The minimum payment threshold is $10 with PayPal and Payza, $20 with Payoneer and $100 on Bank transfer.

Adonly Payment method

Payment Proof

When I search about Adonly on Google, I found a lot people saying Adonly as scam but actually It isn’t. I had only monetize my web contents about couple of month with Adonly. That time I had no enough traffic even though I have earned about 80$ with banner Ad and Referral commission. One time I had get paid through Payza and another time I had get paid with Payoneer. The payment transaction screen capture is given below.

Payoneer Transaction:

Adonly Payoneer Payment proof

Payza Payment Transaction: 

Adonly Payza payment proof

Referral Program

If you refer any people to Adonly advertisement program, then you will earn 5% commission from referral’s income. Adonly referral program will let you make extra income without any web contents.


Some of my good experience and the service of Adonly that I liked most are:

  1. It is a 100% genuine Advertisement company, lots of Publisher are getting paid by Adonly.
  2. There is no any traffic and language restriction to get approval.
  3. It offers nice eCPM rates. (Average rates ranges from $0.12-$0.20 .
  4. It offers wide range of Ad formats.
  5. Low payout (Minimum $10 with Payza and Paypal, $20 with Payoneer and $100 with Bank deposit.
  6. 100% fill rate
  7. Reporting system
  8. Referral Program (5% commission from referral’s income)


Some services of Adonly that need to be improved are as follow:

  1. Irrelevant Ad is shown if you monetize with web contents. It would be more better if advertisement could be shown according to users interest and web content.


Adonly is a new advertisement company and it has very long way to go. I have seen very active upgrade on their system in two year time difference. They are actively improving reporting system, payment system. I think Adonly is one of the best Ad network for all types of publisher to monetize web contents.

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